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Admission Requirements
Admission Requirements
Applicants must be at the compulsory age of attendance. If under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must also enroll the applicant.
Admission Requirements
  1. For programs that are more than 400 hours the applicant should present evidence of a high school diploma, high school certification, or GED.
  2. Students, who do not have a high school diploma, high school certification or GED and are 17 years and 9 months of age or older must demonstrate the ability to learn from the program of instruction.
  3. Students must pass the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (BST) with a minimum score of 303-321 in English and 294-313 in Math.
  4. Students that graduated high school in a country other than the United States and do not have a copy of their high school diploma must sign the Educational Affidavit form. This form certifies that the student completed high school in a foreign country.  This student must also pass the Wonderlic BST test with a minimum score of 303-321 in English and 294-313 in Math.
  5. Students who are at least 17 and 9 months years of age, may enroll in any program however, a parent or legal guardian must also sign the Enrollment Agreement.
  6. All accepted students must complete an Enrollment Agreement.
  7. Applicants will receive the school catalog at the time of signing the Enrollment Agreement.
  8. Genesis Vocational Institute will keep records of prospective students denied admission for at least one year.
  9. Prospective students, who were denied admission and would like to view their file, may submit a written request. Access to view the file will be granted within 24 hours of request.

Important Note: Applicants for Nursing Assistant Training, which require state certification, are advised that they will be required to submit an Additional Criminal History Questionnaire per Florida Statute 456.0635. Presence of criminal convictions on record may cause the rejection of an applicant for state licensure.

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