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Sunday, April 28 2019
Can meditation increase productivity?

In an ever evolving world that seems to move faster with every tick of the clock, the thought of sitting with your eyes closed and just breathe with no obstructing thoughts seems like an impossible task.

However, studies show that meditating can not only increase productivity but help improve other areas of our lives.

The earliest records of meditation date back to 1500 BCE (Before Common Era) And the practice was an integral part of the early forms of Vedic or common Hindu. The English word “meditation” comes from meditatum, meaning “to ponder” in Latin. Even though, we do not know with exactitude where and when people began to meditate, experts agree that the practice probably began many thousands of years ago, before the birth of modern civilization. 

Some of the positive effects of meditation include increase productivity, decrease In stress levels, improved attention and memory, the ability to control our urges and  improvement in our interpersonal relationships.

But how does meditation work?

Science suggests that practicing meditation lessens the inflammatory response in people exposed to psychological stressors, particularly for long-term meditators. According to neuroscience research, mindfulness practices dampen activity in our amygdala and increase the connections between the amygdala and prefrontal cortex. Both of these parts of the brain help us to be less reactive to stressors and to recover better from stress when we experience it.

Starting with the practice of meditation is a simple process and anyone can do it. It’s recommended that you begin with 5 minutes a day and increase the time as you progress in the practice.

Below we share a quick guide on how to begin meditating.

First find a quiet place where you feel comfortable and are free of distractions.

  • Sit on a cushion, on your bed or sofa. You can also lie down if it’s more comfortable.
  • Set a timer (use the app on your phone) for the desired length of time.
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe naturally.
  • Focus your attention on the breath.
  • Become aware of your body and how it moves with each inhalation. If your mind begins to wonder, bring back the focus to your breathing.
  • Repeat this process until the timer is up.
  • Close the practice of meditation by expressing gratitude for one thing that you are thankful for.

As you evolve in the practice, you will notice that you can meditate for longer periods of time. If you are ready to try meditation, watch the video below from PickUpLimes for a step by step guide on meditation for beginners.

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